Our chef with his many years of experience personally prepares the sauces with the finest of ingredients, braising and building the layers of rich, subtle flavours to perfection. Our cuisine has a range of standard sauces and flavour bases that add flavour accents to your meal selections.


Honey Garlic Sauce: a sauce made with fresh ginger, fresh garlic, honey and a dash of soy. A delightful sauce that is quite popular amongst diners.
Hot Garlic Sauce: a spicier sauce and much more flavorful than other sauces. Rich flavors of roasted garlic, pan seared red chillies and braising techniques is what makes this sauce super-delicious.
House Special Sauce:  our in-house special blend that hits all the high notes of sweet, spicy and tangy giving you a burst of flavours that is oh so savoury!
Manchurian Sauce:  is a delicious soy based sauce simmered to perfection with a perfect balance of ginger, garlic and generous amounts of cilantro.
Szechuan Sauce: the fiery Chinese sauce! Consequently, it is the spiciest of Chinese sauces available and certainly very tasty. Szechuan has a stronger flavour, is hot, spicy and laced with red chillies. The Szechuan type features hearty cooking flavoured with an exotic palette of spices.
Yunan Sauce: is a light sweet sauce with a hint of spice and tamarind flavour. It is a delicate balance of ingredients that makes this sauce pleasant and delectable.
When planning a Chinese meal, the secret of success lies in choosing dishes that complement each other yet provide contrast in texture, flavour, colour and variety. Hakka Ren management and staff therefore hope you enjoy “a lovely meal of Chinese food”!


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